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[edit] About Xyzzyka

Xyzzyka is a seventeen-year-old modestly hot girl. She likes the Traveling Wilburys (Charlie T. is totally the sexiest guy ever), Douglas Adams, Doctor Who, and so forth. She reads about thirty different webcomics (although she's about a year behind on most of them), dabbles in text adventures/interactive fiction (hence the username), and draws and reads a lot.

She's also not terribly interested in fleshing out this page. Maybe eventually I'll add links, but mleh.

[edit] How to pronounce Xyzzyka

The name Xyzzyka is derived from the magic word XYZZY (insert explanation here). Due to the textual format in which it was first used, no one is quite sure how to pronounce xyzzy (some claim the first letter is not a Roman "ex" but a Greek "chi" - utter rubbish in my opinion.). However, since I made up the name Xyzzyka, it uses my preferred pronounciation - "zizzy". Therefore, the name Xyzzyka can be said "zizzyka", "zizzaka", or "zizz(schwa)ka", depending on how much of a hurry you're in.

[edit] Other notes

I've sort of made up a character to go with the name Xyzzyka. If anyone's interested, her full name is Xyzzyka Songlantern Gruefrotzer. The last name in particular is hilarious for various complicated reasons.

[edit] Accomplishments

Pretty much the only thing I do is add fonts to the Fonts page. So far I've added Action Is, Alba, Alba Super, Blackadder, Chiller, French Script MT, Freshbot, Harlow Solid Italic, Harting, Jokerman, Peanuts, Pornhut, and Sevenet. Um...yeah. I have a bit of a thing with fonts. Meh.

Speaking of such, I also do a killer the Cheat impression. Meh!

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