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Wow, my very own page...I suppose I should do something on it...

{shifty eyes}...


Yes, I do like to be random.


[edit] About Me


My real life name is Peter
I'm 13
I live in Ontario, Canada
My favorite food is french toast.
My favorite animal is dragons.

[edit] How I found HR and HRWIKI

I found from my mom a sometime in 2004. The first cartoon I saw was monster truck (NO OLD PEOPLE ALLOWED!), and the next was dragon.

I found HRWiki in September 2007, because I came up with the idea to google search "poopaw". I got this as the third result, and here I am!

[edit] My bottom 10

10. "This guy walked into a bar" jokes.

9. When nobody flushes...eeeew.

8. When I can't think of something to put in my bottom 10.

7. When an entire conversation is made up of nothing but laughing at Monty Python and the Holy Grail quotes.

6. Trading card games

  • except maybe Yu-Gi-Oh. That's fun.

5. Cereal commercials (They're crrrrrrrrap!)

4. Having my computer freeze after an hour's worth of unsaved work.

3. Girly girls

  • Especially the ones who think anybody they don't like is gross.

2. People who think you have no idea what you're doing when you're actually fixing the problem.

1. People who are just plain rude, unfeeling, and have fun making others miserable.

[edit] My favorite/UNfavorite toons

[edit] Favorite toons

Favorite toon: Where's The Cheat?
Favorite short: Ever and More
Favorite holiday: Happy Dethemberween
Favorite puppet stuff: Marshie vs. Little Girl
Favorite PBTC: The Cheat Theme Song
Favorite SBemail: rock opera
Favorite TGS: Issue 8

[edit] UNfavorite toons

UNfavorite toon: The Reddest Radish
UNfavorite short: Limozeen vs. Sloshy
UNfavorite holiday: That a Ghost
UNfavorite puppet stuff: Puppet Jam: Mission Control
UNfavorite PBTC: Rap Song
UNfavorite SBemail: 12:00
UNfavorite TGS: Issue 13

[edit] My better contributions

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