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[edit] Let's Get This Train Wreck A-Rollin'

I'm TsuyoiWarui (Japanese for 'Strong Bad', by the way), also known around the inter-webs as GoldMatenes and Blackjackjulian. I'm a LTRFTE (long-time-reader-few-time-editor). I tend to fix small grammatical mistakes, add Remarks and References, and have tons of esoteric knowledge which helps with Talk debates.

I'm just getting used to Wiki-ing, and so I don't do anything fancy yet. Cheers!

[edit] Stupid's Stupid Stuff That I Hate

This is stuff I don't get. I'd appreciate help on any of this, if you can. Just talk at me.

  • What truly defines a Remark.

[edit] Everybody Loves The Me!

Here is a list of random tidbits about me.

  • I am tall, kind, brutally honest, and endlessly hopeful.
  • I study Japanese, Philosophy, and Psychology.
  • I have been using 'Cool tapes' as a synonym for 'awesome' since I saw Cool Things. My brother and friends ended up picking it up too.
  • I love all kinds of music, I play a lot of video games, I love to read, I love to run.
  • i wAs raISeD By a cUp OF CofFEe.
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