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Long pants, Strong Bad. Long Pants.

Hi. My name is Tigerstripe. Well, that's not my real name. That would be weird. I have enjoyed Homestarrunner eversince my friend first showed me my first and absolute favorite cartoon (long pants) and just discovered the wiki this year. I have introduced 11 friend to the site and 9 are now devoted fans. I like Twilight, Warriors, and the Tortallian series by Tamora Pierce. I also enjoy Star Wars and other such fantasy films. I'm a frequent contributor to the Wiki and you'll hear me using a lot of "Homestar Runner inside jokes." I've got my favorites listed down the page. So if you hear me quoting Homestar, Homsar, or even Pompom (Bubble, bubble, double bubble, everybody!) You'll know what I mean. 6_6 It's Homestar! Tigerstripe


[edit] Hobbies and Such

This is so funny.
Strong Bad having the jibblie jibblies.
"Science again! I said science again!"
"The system is down, yo."

I have a lot of hobbies, obviously including I like volleyball, music, reading, writing, and drawing. I am presently writing a book and have a few more up my sleeve, and have been writing the same comic since the third grade. I hope to someday turn it into a flash cartoon like the Brother's Chaps. I've also started writing a comic series. I just finished the first book, which is about 192 pages long. I'm in the middle of book 2 now. Two chapters to go until I've finished!

[edit] My Top Ten

  • 10. Swimming
  • 9. Biking
  • 8. Reading
  • 7. Writing
  • 6. Clarinet
  • 5. Piano
  • 4. (Reading Manga!!!)
  • 3.
  • 2. Just sitting and thinking
  • 1. Drawing while listening to music

[edit] My Bottom Ten

  • 10. People mistaking me for another girl at my school, who has a simaliar name and looks like me
  • 9. Being annoyed by my little brother
  • 8. Strong Bad being mean to Homestar
  • 7. People who think I'm weird for no reason, they just "do"
  • 6. Naruto
  • 5. Those people who purposely break rules
  • 4. Hot days
  • 3. Sexists
  • 2. Bullies
  • 1. Racists

[edit] My favorite Quotes

It's my nunchuk-gun that never runs out of ammo!
  • "I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate."

-Dark Helmet

  • "Hey guys! Today I got lost on the road of life!"

-Hatakae Hakaishi

  • Ooh, cool. How did you get it to do that? USB? Four pin? Eight pin? Firewire? Was it Firewire? I bet it was Firewire.


  • "Hey, lord of the flames, your tail's on fire."


  • "Once...there was a green goblin! And... I guess... he looked around! And... I guess... he did a little dance!"

-Homestar Runner

  • "The system is down, yo."

-Strong Bad

  • It's my nunchuk-gun that never runs out of ammo!

-Dangeresque (Strong Bad)

[edit] Random News

  • Right! I'm gonna be gone for Decemberween! We missed our flight last week because the weather was so bad. So I'm not going to be on the Wiki for a while. See yalz! Tigerstripe 09:22, 23 December 2008 (UTC)
  • Okay, so last week I found out, I'm not right handed, I'm ambidexterious. That was most likely the most interesting news of my week. Tigerstripe 03:45, 19 November 2008 (UTC)

[edit] User Boxes I Made

Well, so far, I've only made two of my own. Feel free to use them.





[edit] The Coolest People on the Wiki

User Reason
User: Shawny13 She's my BFFE!!!!!
Carji She's just awesome.
— Defender1031*Talk Bestest BESTEST BESTEST person on the wiki. First person ever to help me out!!!
Acam30 For letting me join the Key-Sword-Tarists.

[edit] User Boxes

User boxes... that... describe... me... I guess.
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