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[edit] Everybody likes the me!!!

Oh Hello! My Name is Temp yup it is well you Must be here if ya' lost a bet or if you want to more about me.Well where to start off is hmm... my favorite Charater must be Homsar or The Cheat they both Rock WAIT!!! don't forget Strong Bad.The Charater don't like is the King Of Town or The Poopsmith really.My Favorite sbemail is different town Oh i Love Google too! Google


Cartoon Network all expcpt Naruro And Zatch Bell

[edit] Those things that I rock in

1.Video games 2.Counter strike 3.Basketball 4.Football 5.Soccer

[edit] Favortite Video Games

1.Mega man 1 2.Mega man 2 3.Mega man 3 (most fave!) 4.Mega man 4 5.Mega man 5 6.Mega man 6 7.Mega man 7 8.Mega man 8 9.Mega man powered up! 10.Mega man x 2 11.Mega man x 3 12.Mega man x 5 13.Mega man x 7 14.Mega man x 8 15.Pretty much every mega man realted games 16.Super mario Bros. 17.Super mario Bros. 2 18.Super mario Bros. 3 19.Super mario World 20.Super mario sunshine 21.Ape Escape 22.Ape Escape2 23.Ape Escape on the lose!

[edit] RANDXOM


[edit] How I found this Place

I found this in Google you know the keyword I used Stinko man

[edit] Favorite Video Game Charater

1.Megaman 2.Luigi 3.Mario 4.Samus

[edit] The video game charater that I don't really like

1.Sonic (actully most hated) 2.Link (to me he is kinda prancey ya know)

[edit] Hey Im Back

Well I came back because I remebered the site it's cool!!!

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