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[edit] Welcome to the Email Checklist Template

[edit] What is this for?

This table basically will basically allow contributors to keep an electronic checklist for Strong Bad Emails when verifying tedious or involved facts such as The Geddup Noise. The table is meant to go in the Talk Space for a page, and contributors can verify if what they're looking for is found there and add any details about the item they are looking for. Moreover they can sign/confirm what they looked for. This is meant to avoid duplication of work among members and to provide a means of assurance that the list is exhaustive (note that more than one person can confirm a fact/sighting). Many thanks to It's dot com for switching my preliminary version over to Wiki Tables. For an example, please visit here.

[edit] How do I use it?

Simply copy and paste the code below into the page you are working on, submit the changes once (so that it copies the template) and start filling stuff up! This template is not what we normally consider an ordinary Wiki Template because it will be modified after inclusion. I will try to keep the table updated as more email arrive, but it is not hard to add new rows to existing tables. Some tables may not need extending if the information being sought only pertains to all the emails up to the one in the page the table resides. When I get the chance I will make one just for Toons (should the need arise).

{{subst:User:Stux/PECLT inc}}

[edit] Updating the table

As new emails arrive, the table and any pages where the tables have been included (see below) must be updated. This must be done in 25-email increments using the following template:

{{subst:User:Stux/PECLT section|<starting email number>}}

Where <starting email number> is the first email number (such as email #151) in the list. Just copy and past the code above at the end of the table with the correct starting email number.

[edit] Current use

The following page uses this table:

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