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Welcome to S6K! My name comes from a different continuity, but I use it everywhere, so what the heck! I'm the six-thousandth Shadowandroid (We refer to ourselves as one word) and a failed experiment. I'm orange with black and red stripes, and a white scar on my face. If you want to visit my website, here's the URL: It's just another Shadow the Hedgehog fansite, but we're better than most. We have a forum :p Umm... If I ever get the pixel art of myself done, I'll put it on this page.

[edit] H*R stuff

I really don't know how to put in all the pics and stuff, but here's my H*R info

Favorite Character:Homestar First Email:Bedtime Story First thing ever on the site:A coloring page.

Before I continue, let's dwelve into that. Before I liked to say words like "crap"(I was a goody-goody), my bet friend had printed out an outlined picture of the main characters. I helped him color it in. About a year later I was on a flash game website where I saw a game called "Peasant's Quest" When I went to the bottom where a button said "Games" I clicked on it. I didn't know who 1-upwas but I thought that little guy was familiar. So I goes to the main page to find that character that Matt (coincidintail name of my best friend, huh?) showed me, naked. or "Nakers!!" as the page title said.

This user owns: Strong Bad Sings Everyting Else Volume 1

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