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'I'm not dead!'

"Full Hayabusa"


[edit] Intro

Hi, I'm Saddy Dumpington! I try to cheer people up, but it always goes wrong... oh well. In real life, I'm just an internet bum. I discovered in early 2004 after hearing about it from a friend. Unlike some people who were initially confused, my friend was explaining things to me. I remember the first Strong Bad Email that I watched was Video Games. After a while I caught on to the Story Line and was hooked ever since. I always check the site for new content and enjoy watching old stuff too. I originally found this site in February 2006 after I Google searched for a Peasant's Quest Walkthrough and would edit part-time under an IP address. Than I decided to make an account. That's basically why I'm here and you're reading this sentence.

[edit] About

I'm a guy, and I live in the US. I know how to beat Peasant's Quest by heart now thanks to H*R Wiki. Here I like to vote on STUFF and patrol the Recent Changes. I am also on the Welcoming Committee, so basically every time I see a member without a talk page while I'm on the recent posts, I welcome them. My favorite thing to do on H* is watch the toons. I always watch at least 2 random toons a day.

[edit] Name Info

In case you didn't know, my nickname/screen name is Saddy Dumpington named after the character Saddy Dumpington. At the time of creation I did not read that usernames should not be of real characters. Sorry! I really don't know why I chose the name, but I like it. In real life though, I'm nothing like Saddy. I'm short, usually cheerful and I dress modernly! Well at least we wear long pants. That's one thing.

[edit] Pom Pom

"Yeah, Pom Pom!"

My favorite character is Pom Pom. He's a pimp, he's an awesome fighter, he's Homestar Runner's "main man", and he can bounce! He's just awesome. Pom Pom's "The Mack" of Free Country USA with his 27 girlfriends and his Pom Pilot. He's got his own language that sounds very similar to blowing bubbles with a straw. It is still unconfirmed what he's filled with, or if he's filled with anything at all. I hope he's not filled with hydrogen... or else BOOM! And He'd be dead. Pom Pom can absorb things for storage like his cell phone. He is open minded and hangs out with other characters. He's got other variations like Fat Dudley (Old-Timey) and Pan Pan (20X6), but he's best in his normal version. So that's basically why I like Pom Pom the most. It's pretty hard to describe it otherwise, but that's the way I feel.

[edit] Photo Editing

Recently I have been doing a kind of gnome work where I find pictures with the black border still on them, and take that part out. It is not my original idea, but I find it a good way to contribute to the wiki. I have always been a photo editor, and I have many photo editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop CS and Photoshop Elements 4.0. I mainly use elements for the newer features such as Smart Objects.

[edit] Contributions

Some contributions I'm proud of:

  • I added many things to from work. It was just a coincidence that when I reloaded the page the new email had just been put up;-).
  • I did a massive cleanup of Poorly Written Emails.

[edit] Warning

The following sections are random. If this kind of thing upsets you, please scroll up now.

[edit] Favorite Characters

Here is a list of my favorite main characters from favorite to least favorite.

  • 1. Pom Pom
  • 2. Strong Bad
  • 3. Homestar
  • 4. The Cheat
  • 5. Strong Sad
  • 6. Coach Z
  • 7. Bobs
  • 8. Marzipan
  • 9. Strong Mad
  • 10. Homsar
  • 11. King of Town
  • 12. The Poopsmith

[edit] How To Make A Martini

\frac{(3.5G + \frac{V}{2})}{4(H_{2}O)^3} + 3(360^\circ) = M

3.5 shots of gin and half a shot of vermouth over 4 parts H2O3 (water cubed = ice), finished off with three stirs (3×360°).

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