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Check out my YouTube channel! I could use some views, comments, subs, ect.

Homestar Runner: Roblox Styles

[edit] How I found the awesomeness of

I was on Roblox, where I'm known as FalconPuncher, and I met someone named homestarrunner. I told him he had an odd username, and he told me to type "Strong Bad Email" into the Youtube search bar. I came across YouTuber PodstarRunner, who had every plenty of sbemails on his channel. I watched the Podcast version of either Haircut or Highschool (I don't quite remember which), then I watched whichever one I didn't see, then I saw Virus, Dragon, Kids' Book, ect. Then, I watched the intro for the Podcast Emails, that read "homestarrunner presents a Strong Bad Email". I PM'd homestarrunner on Roblox, asking him if he made those cartoons. He told me I was way off, and sent me a link to At the time, the newest toon was Strong Bad Email: Rough Copy. Since then, I've been a loyal fan. Of course, it was not until around the release of SBCG4AP did I find the wiki, after watching the credits, when I saw "The Homestar Wiki", and I thought "Homestar Runner has its own wiki?". So I checked the place out, and posted on the forum, until the sbemail game was locked. Now I'm a member of Strong Badia the Free as Happyface. Anyways, these days I upload a series called "Homestar Runner: Roblox Styles", in which i turn a classic cartoon into a Strong Bad Email Roblox recreation!

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