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[edit] General Information

File:me.jpg Name: Rommy
Age: 16-25
Date of Birth: 1st July
Location: London, United Kingdom
Occupation: Student
H*R fan since: May, 2000
About Me
General Description about me goes here.

[edit] My Favourites

Favourite Characters, Episodes & Quotes
Character Image Character Name Best Moments Favourite Quotes
Strong Bad Your Funeral, The Movies, Rough Copy, Alternate Universe, Flashback, Email Thunder "Holy Crap!"
The Cheat Caper, Animal, Pet Show, ShapeShifter, Halloween Fairstival, Powered By The Cheat "Meh!"
Onion Bubs Doomy Tales of the Macabre, Origins "Welcome to my World!"
Strong Mad Caffeine, Haircut "I have a funny hat!", "I DON'T WANT TO EAT A GUITAR!"
Gunhaver Cheat Commandos "Cheat Commandos, Rock, rock on!" - Cheat Commando's episodes ending (except one)
Homestar Runner 4 branches, Fluffy Puff Commercial, Crying, Virus, [intro]] '"Bread is a good time for me"', "Stro Bro! Free Bagels at the water cooler!"
Marzipan Cool Tapes, Answering Machine, Pool
Fan of Cheat Commandos
Fan of Sbemails
Finds the Cheat Cute
Uses ones powers for Awesome
Fan of Teen Girl Squad
Wants to buy a Homestar T-Shirt
img Achievement Name
img Achievement Name
img Achievement Name

[edit] Deprecated

Favourite Characters: (From Most Liked to Least)
Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat, Gunhaver, Homestar Runner, Marzipan

Favourite Quotes
Strong Bad:
Holy Crap - Various Episodes

Strong Mad:
I have a funny hat - PAY PLUS!

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