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Occasionally, we at our fair wiki lose our minds and go into senseless (and often stupid) edit wars. Here, I am compiling these for our entertainment.


[edit] Toons

  • theme song. Is "gip" a misspelling of "gyp", or just a variant? Is it really a epithet for gypsies, or does it have some other etymology? These questions and more, and occasionally an answer or two.

[edit] Games

[edit] Characters

  • Arrow'd Guy. Ah, the Arrow'd Guy. Few people have caused so many insults. From telling us to get a life, or that we are behind the times, Arrow'd Guy/Man with the Huge Mouth continues to entertain and offend us for so long.
  • Visor Robot. Should the article have the descriptive-but-fan-created name "Visor Robot" or the inaccurate-and-non-canon-but-official name "Fhqwhgads Robot"? Many suggestions (and insults) are thrown around.

[edit] Secret Pages

  • If I Ran the Camera. Quite possibly the biggest edit war this wiki has seen. Not only do we kill each other over a wee little link. Examples of mud slinging include "Shows how much you know" and "Rabid, zealous, Homestar Fans". Reminded me of a Kindergarden class...

[edit] Misfits

  • Guestbooks. From senseless mud slingings to just plain name calling, This has it all. It has transcended all boundaries of foolishness and began to set a league of its own. Truly, this has gone from being a debate to a major headache for most wiki users.

[edit] Stuff

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