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[edit] Weclome

Okay, now that you've seen this page it's time I went ahead and introduced myself. I'm Rexy (note there's quite a fair amount of these around the web; if that name's already taken I usually opt for freqrexy), I'm a young adult, and close friends refer to me as Bev. I live in England (even though my Youtube videos hint that my accent fuses in American/Canadian/Mediterranean/Australian references from time to time) and am working in an admin office (similar case to Strong Bad, except he works on Fridays and I don't).

[edit] How I found Homestar Runner

Since this is the HRWiki after all, I might as well discuss how I found it. I used to hang out at the RaymanZone forums quite a lot, or at least during the heyday for Rayman 3.

Sometime in the summer of 2003, there was an old thread in which we could discuss what we would ideally look like as personas. Someone there stated that they'd look just like "this blue haired guy" and linked to the japanese cartoon sbemail while they were at it. I loved animé as an art form back then, so it's inevitable that I understood the genre getting humorously satired there.

It wasn't long until I went back to the website and started looking around for other toons, including some of the other more recent Compy 386 sbemails and the first toon I saw, Where's The Cheat?. And since then, I knew I was on to something. :D

[edit] What else do I like aside from H*R?

There's quite a few things that I also enjoy alongside the Brothers Chaps' work. So let's get down to it.

[edit] Videogames

This is a big passion of mine, and something to help me escape from it all. I've been with SEGA as a kid, Sony during my adolescent years, and I'm currently getting a lot of time with the Wii these days. The first game that I ever played was the original Sonic the Hedgehog on the Genesis, and everything started to catapult upwards from there.

In terms of specific franchises, key favorites of mine at this moment in time are Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Mario, Kirby (at least prior to Nightmare in Dreamland), Katamari Damacy, Jak & Daxter and the like. I'm open to a good chunk of games to explore - I'm never biased to just one system during a console war discussion.

[edit] Artwork

I like doing artwork - haven't been active in doing so for a while but it's still a great hobby. I'm rexrock69 over at DeviantArt. I namely specialise in traditional coloring over computer programs, mind you.

[edit] Writing

Strong Bad may dislike fanfics, but I enjoy writing them when I get the chance. I'm RexRock over at

[edit] Music

Now, this is a big hobby of mine. I contribute MIDIs to on a regular basis, I have two songs under my name at OverClocked ReMix, I used to take part in the Dwelling of Duels back in the day (mainly around 2005 and 2006), and all that. I've even started doing some symphonic cover tracks of games that I enjoyed playing, all hosted at

It's a crazy hobby, I know, but this is what you get when one undertook a lot of piano lessons/duties while growing up, studied Music Technology at sixth form college and at University, and basically listens to a lot of music :)

[edit] Videos

I sometimes record myself playing videogames too; everything's up on my Youtube page. Good luck trying to understand my dodgy accent. :P

[edit] My Contributions

Here is where I archive everything important that I do to the website. It's not much for now, but I'm sure it'll develop.

[edit] Subtitles

I have contributed the bulk of the subtitles for:

(and some others gone off the top of my head right now... I'll edit it later.)

[edit] SBCG4AP

[edit] Other Crap

  • The person who did the "Dangeresque X-Stitch" in the Weekly Fanstuff (July 2009) was me.

This will grow in due time. I've got my eye on the goings on for H*R. Rexy 06:39, 21 October 2008 (UTC)

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