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[edit] Hello!

Hi everyone!

If you have any useful info or criticism I would love to hear from you.

[edit] Rando

Here is some random stuff.

Some of my interest are...

  • Warhammer 40k. I use the Imperial guard.
  •[1] Check it out. It's got "high graphics" games,well at least I think Strongbad would think that...
  • World of Warcraft I've got a level 30 Paladin and a level 22 rouge goin'.
  • Uhh... I'll put more stuff on later.

My favorite character is,of course,none other than Coach Z. Yeah, sure he's creepy and he has a Listerine drinking problem,but...wait why do I think he's so cool again?

I live in Cali but don't surf much...actually none at all...

"Yes...very yes!"
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