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[edit] Where my name comes from

  • Yeah, no. Firstly, I didn't copy the name of that band. No, I made this up, and they copied me! Let the record show that they copied me!
  • Secondly, I have no idea how this code works. I do copy this sort of code. (Here is where I apologize to Homestramy for "borrowing" Strong Sad.) If I could get a little help, that would be appreciated.
  • Thirdly and finally, (except for Eleventy and 2t2) I use this name for everything, except my email. If you ever see Omegalord or Orn Solamenter anywhere... well... Orn Solamenter's not even my name! It's his name! Omegalord's! I guess I should explain... It all started "A long time ago, In a galaxy far far away..." Uh, no. It started maybe a year ago. I discovered Liberty Basic programming. And lo, Omegalord was born!!!!!

[edit] What I like to do

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*This user does not care about explaining his hobbies to anyone. 
*This user will not explain himself to total strangers.
*This user is not typing anymore about how this user does not like explaining.

[edit] And In conclusion

"I think we all learned a valuable lesson today..."

"Strong Sad doing T'ai Chi is really funny!"


"What? It was. You were all like Gokula... Ohm... Bing!"

(poor Strong Sad...)

from Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon

[edit] Et Cetera

  • Well, that's the one thing I'll explain to you, Fqhwhgads, I do like Latin!

In Summary, Quid Pro Quo, Ovo pro Ovo.

(What? No, I won't tell you what they mean. Get an education or something! You can even learn it in highschool.)

Image:Strong Sad2.jpg





[edit] And In Conclusion of the conclusion of the... Hmm.

You guys can check out my wedsite, you know, about Omegalord.


  • Ack! The persistence of some people is quite irritating, if i may say so. If I must, they mean A thing for a thing, an egg for an egg. (I mean to say eye, an eye for an eye, but I forgot how. Ah, well. You will all just have to suffer then. Or you could tell me, and I'll fix it "Dot dot dot."

From Under Construction.

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