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'Sup, fools? I'm NMRodo. That's "NM", and then "Rodo"! I joined this Wiki because I said so. If you wish, take a look at my user page and get to know me.
Thanks you!


[edit] My History with the Dumb Animal Characters

I came across Homestar Runner circa 2006. The latest Strong Bad Email was disconnected. I watched three or four Toons, and love ensued. Since then I've been keeping up with every update (except for when I took a break from the internet from Donut Unto Others to imaginary), collecting all types of crazy crap from the Store, and being a general Homestar nerd.

I'm not really sure how I came across the site... I believe I clicked on someone's banner on a forum, which led to it.

[edit] Favorite Quotes/Exchanges

BUBS: Come back, chocolates! I didn't mean what I said!
MARZIPAN: Well, if Strong Bad told you to jump off a bridge—
STRONG BAD: Dear Oldie, Shut up! Your pal, Strong Bad.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Sitting on the couch is zero amount of fun when there's not a TV or hang glider in front of it.
STRONG BAD: I dunno. Maybe he's just going to the ATM machine.

[edit] Non-Homestar Runner Interests

As surprising as it may sound, I enjoy things besides Homestar Runner! Here's some of dems.

[edit] Television

  • King of the Hill
  • Malcolm in the Middle
  • Robot Chicken
  • The Simpsons

[edit] Music

  • "Weird Al" Yankovic

[edit] Videro Games

  • Super Mario series
  • Animal Crossing series
  • Excitebike
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