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[edit] About Me

Meeting at the stick, yo!

[edit] Fanstuff Self

This is what I used to look like. This is what I wanted to look like like as a Homestar Runner character, when I first became a fan of Homestar Runner. So, I decided never to show it, because it'd be embarrassing. I'm showing it off here because I want to show it off, but there is no use for it. So, I'm here to tell you a bit about some history on my fan stuff self. If you visit my wiki user page enough, I might remake him and show it off at the Fanstuff Wiki.

Strong Bad Email 2006.

[edit] How can I help Wiki?

I try my very best I can to help the original Homestar Runner wiki and still submit fanstuff to the Homestar Runner fanstuff wiki. But, if I can help this wiki, I will. Please leave any suggestions, opinions or ideas on how I can help the Homestar Runner wiki, on my discussion page.

"You can't destroy me!"

[edit] Wiki Helper

Yeah. I've done one thing, or maybe more, on the wiki. This is a list of edits I've made which have helped this wiki well.

  • Sickly Sam - I made a close-up version of the old design for Old-Timey Strong Sad, which later became Sickly Sam.
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