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Hello, and welcome to my userpage! Make yourself at home. Want some coffee? It's homemade. And it's horrible. Um, anyway.

[edit] Some words about me. ME!

Let's start with a little presentation. My name is not important (but you can call me Not), I'm 35 years old, and I live in France. You may have heard of this little country, lost somewhere in Europe. And errrr...Yeah, that'll be enough.
As for my hobbies, they can be summed up in two words : video games, and computers. Which makes three words. Whatever. So that's about the only thing I do : playing video games all day, and doing other things on my computer. An adventurous life, of course.
About Homestar and the Wiki now : I discovered Homestar Runner thanks to a link from the webcomic VGcats. Clicked a link, watched the "First time here?" toon, laughed a lot. And then I fell in love with Homestar. The website, of course. Then I probably made some research on Google about Homestar or whatever, and I found the Wiki. And I fell in love with it. I fall in love with lots of things.
Well, that'll be enough I guess. Not much to say anyway. Let's get to the next part!

[edit] Y'a du boulot !

Until some time ago, I had nothing to do here. You guys are already editing and fixing everything like crazy, I couldn't follow. But when the subtitles project appeared, then...I knew my life would never be the same.
Maybe not. But that gave me something to do. So for now, I'm trying to translate everything in French. Yeah, that strange language spoken in France. Or in some part of Canada. Thing is, French aren't, for the most part, really good at speaking other languages (I'm far from being bilingual myself). I hope that translating the toons will help Homestar to make it in French speaking countries. Go Homestar, you can make it!
A mistake I do frequently is to swap the brother Strong's names. So if, while watching the French subtitles, you see a "Strong Bad" in place of a "Strong Mad", that was probably me not paying attention to what I was doing.
Oh yeah, I must tell you about that tool I made for translating the toons. It took me some time to make it, so I feel forced to speak about it, sorry. If you are a subtitles translator, who knows, you may find it useful. It can be found right here. If you like it, tell me. If you don't like it, tell me too, I won't get mad. Maybe.

[edit] What, that's it?

Uh, looks like I don't have enough things to say: my userbox tower thing is longer that my presentation. Well, I guess I can add a little double-space action. Or, uh...maybe a little triple-space action...
Nah, that'll do. So, if you have any question or whatever, feel free to go to that talk page of mine. I probably won't bite you. Probably.
See ya on the Wiki!

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