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I'm new to this whole Mediawiki code thing.

Therefore this web page is not very elaborate.
If you do see any form of elaboratity, I probably copied it from somewhere else.

[edit] Some Personal Information

I won't be posting much of this on the worldwide web simply because any ol' person in the world could read it if he or she wanted to.
The username MenacingBanjo is an anagram of my full name, which I am not going to tell you because it's not very common and you would be able to find out where I live and come visit me, and that would just be weird.
Now that I've not told you my name, I can tell you that I live in the United State of Michigan.
I live right about here {points to palm of right hand}.
Here's a link to a personal website of mine It's my website

[edit] Wiki Contributions

I created the Parents' Basement page! I actually do live in my own parents' basement; hence, I feel a special connection to that page.
I got the idea from Charlie Jr..

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