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Maybe I'm overthinking this. I should just come up with a cool name
and the rest will "like as" itself. -- Strong Bad, animal

[edit] My Contributions

I am a casual editor (as opposed to someone who has actually created any articles). I mostly created a user account so people would take my edits more seriously. There's probably no scientific evidence to support it, but it seems to be the case that edits from unregistered users are more likely to get deleted if one person doesn't like them. The first edit I remember making was this one, which I thought was pretty darn clever, although in retrospect I see it was worded a little too informally. Still I was a bit upset when I went back later to check on it and found it gone. That happened other times too with things that probably varied in merit and which I can't remember off the top of my head right now, but eventually I decided to get registered, and I can now say that it does seem to have made a difference in how well my edits stick, although that's probably due about as much to experience as to anything else.

My edits mostly involve inside references (the -èd pronunciation is one of my big things) and things like that. I am also of the grammar nerd pursuasion, so I try to fix that stuff when I see it.

[edit] My History with H*R

When I was in high school I knew a few people who were fans, so I visited the site once or twice, but I don't think I got past the menu page (it was Main Page 11, I remember) because it seemed too involved. I also had friends at the time who were really into that Maddox guy's website, and I found him sort of funny but I was basically jealous of how much content he had and how I didn't have time to make a website that involved even though I thought I was at least as clever as he was, but I was mostly annoyed when people would IM me and be all like "omg it is amazing. read everything" because I was already jealous of him so I didn't want to spend all the time it would take to go through and read everything he had ever written. So this played a part in my reluctance to get into H*R. Then when I got to college and started hanging out in the dorm rooms of guys down the hall who kept their doors open, someone started showing me some Strong Bad Emails. The first one I saw was probably techno or japanese cartoon, and I was hooked pretty quickly. The current email at that time was probably labor day, and I spent a few late college nights going through and watching all the emails up to that point, and I've been a fan ever since. I still miss the scroll button song from that era too.

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