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[edit] Hello, and welcome to me! Kurosaki.

Please call me by my username, Kurosaki. It is the surname of the protagonist in the anime series BLEACH. However; my real name happens to be Heather.

[edit] About Me

I live in the U.S.A.

I have many interests that you can find out if you IM me on AIM or YIM (see below for screen names).

My favorite band and favorite music genre are always changing; however, I listen to (all types of) metal, electronic, industrial, trance, bass, and some modern Japanese music.

My favorite poet/writer is Edgar Allan Poe.

My computer's operating system is Windows XP, and I use an HP Pavilion laptop computer. My laptop wallpaper is a red and black H*R wallpaper I got off of deviantART.

I have an mp3 player, it is the Sandisk Sansa e280, and it holds 8 gigabytes of photos, video, and music. It also has a built-in FM radio and records voice and radio. Yet, the battery lasts for about twenty hours. :D Now that's what I call an mp3!

My favorite H*R character right now is Strong Sad, my former favorite character was Strong Bad. I like Strong Sad for multiple reasons I can't be bothered to list, but I'd probably tell you over IM if you asked (nicely).

  • Personal Quote: "That's always nice."
  • AIM screen name: XxKurosaki123
  • YIM screen name: decatur_doom

[edit] Homestar Runner Wiki [is wonderful]

I discovered this Wiki sometime during mid-2007, and I have been using it ever since. There are articles on just about anything in the Homestar Runner universe (The other day my friend on YIM told me, "On these sbemails, about 165-170 I think, they keep mentioning DNA evidence." So I looked up DNA Evidence (running gag), and sure enough, there it was). Recently I became active on H*R Wiki, probably on December 30, 2007. I love doing "gnome work" and adding to lists. H*R Wiki, rock, rock on!

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