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Hi! I'm Jeff Tickle. One day in my junior year of high school (2002-2003), a good friend of mine named Bruce was out for a day with food poisoning after a school-sponsored event. Someone sent him a link to H*R to cheer him up, and he watched everything on the site in that day. The next day, he was reciting the Trogdor email by heart. Seriously, he said no words besides "First, you draw an S. For Snake. Or, Dragon. Or, whatever." No one understood what he was talking about, and then he linked me to it that evening.

After I got over the torn muscles from laughing so hard, I was hooked and have been keeping up ever since. I really like this HR Wiki. Awesome idea.

The organization of this info was shamelessly combined from ideas from other users' pages:


[edit] My Favorites


[edit] Non-H*R:

  • Online Cartoon: Odd Todd
  • Animated Show: ReBoot
  • TV Show: Currently, Stargate Atlantis
  • Offline Cartoon: Pinky & the Brain
  • Operating System: Gentoo Linux
  • Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox; if you are still using Internet Explorer, don't.

[edit] Other Stuff

[edit] Links

[edit] Hobbies

  • Hacking Linux
  • Playing Windows games under Cedega under Linux (like Half-Life 2 especially of late)
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