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[edit] Me

Hi, I'm Jetpac, and I'm not going to tell you any more than that. So there.

[edit] Ok, Maybe I'll tell you a little bit about myself

I like programming stuff, and this site is just about the most awesome thing ever, but I doubt I'll be able to get any updates in before other people do.

[edit] More About Me

Favorite Strong Bad E-mails
Favorite other.... things
  • Teen Girl Squad
  • Learning about what everything is referencing on HRWiki that I never would've known before
I am also....
  • A huge Yankees fan
  • A Mac user
  • A hater of all things peecee

[edit] More about my Yankee-loving ways

I am not a bandwagoner, I've lived in the New York area my entire life (which hasn't really been that long, but still!) If you are a Red Sox fan, or a Yankee hater in general, I:

  1. Feel sorry for you
    • (Ok not really that much, but kinda)
  2. Will not be coming to your funeral
    • (Actually, if you diss the Yanks, I might just cause it)
      • Just kidding

[edit] Other Stuff

I feel like making another section. So there.

[edit] Pictures

Image:cantsayjob.png Image:Parakeet.PNG

Did you just say "Parakeet?"

[edit] Favorite Sites

I'm not 100% sure I'm allowed to post links to other websites, but I haven't seen anything saying I can't, so why not?

[edit] SimDynasty

Absolutely the most fun baseball simulator that I've ever seen. You are the general manager of a team, and you draft, make trades, bring players up through your minor leagues, and are forced to deal with declining veterans and retirements. This site has eaten up more hours of my life than pretty much anything else.


[edit] Homestar Runner

No duh

Link (as if you really need it)

[edit] HRWiki

Another no-brainer

I'm not even gonna bother giving a link, you're already there!

[edit] Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball

I just... like fantasy baseball, and Yahoo!'s is free.


Just one more...

[edit] Eternal Kingdoms

Pretty fun turn-based online game. Just check it out yourself, because I'm too lazy to tell you about it.


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