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[edit] Ur face

[edit] SUCKS!

Lol! Get the joke? Here is my website: Everybody is Different. No two people are the same. not on fire. Awwwwww!

[edit] Strong Bad "making" an email

[edit] My dream sbemail

Hunk of Junk Sbemail 1: Virus 2

Strong Bad gets a dumb question and sends The Virus to the emailer.

Cast: Strong Bad

Places: Computer Room, A Dump

Computers: Compé, Compy 386

Running Time: 0:40

Page Title: Compy Compé

[edit] Transcript

STRONG BAD: E is for email and S is for sucks! {Clicks icon}

STRONG BAD: {reading}

{He reads the Crap 100 times and Someone, Somewhere as: CRAP 100 TIMES? SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE? and then screams like when the Compè tricked a Flagrant System Error}

STRONG BAD: {typing} You have made me REALLY angry! I am sending the Compy 386 virus to you.

{cut to the Compy 386 in a dump}

STRONG BAD: {typing "strongbad_email_Inbox.exe}

{a list of all the sbemails come up and Strong Bad chooses virus while holding CTRL at the same time}

{another menu comes up}
The menu:

STRONG BAD: {selects Send to: and types the e-mail address}

STRONG BAD: {sends}

{cut back to the Compè in the Computer Room}

STRONG BAD: Ah, that's better! He was a complete idiot

{Compè-per comes up}

[edit] LOL!

[edit] LOL!

[edit] LOL!

[edit] LOL!

[edit] LOL!

[edit] LOL!

[edit] LOL!

[edit] LOL!

[edit] Diffrences of Homestar and My Homestar

Image Info What's Changed?
The Real Design N/A
Image:HunkOfJunkHomestar.png My Design Outlines are black. Star outlines are slightly thinner. Shoes more blue. Hat is complete on top instead of the side. Spinner is thinner(Wow. That rhymed!). Hat is lighter. Shirt is lighter. Feet changed position to the first.

[edit] Variety of Links

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