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My favorite character variation! Thnikkaman!

Oh, hello. Greetings, one and everyone. Welcome to me... Homestar... Go... HomestarGo! Um... what else?


[edit] Stuff About Me

Hey everybody everybody! I'm HomestarGo! I stumbled across and instantly became a big fan. I showed my freinds the awesome site including my friend, Homsar920. After watching every cartoon on the site, I did a search for Homestar Runner at Google. I found and created an account.(obviously)Now you can read all about me! I'm also a big fan of Batman and Justice League and Kids Next Door. You also might want to know that I'm not a lazy man of the age of 23, but but a lazy boy of the age of 12. I took the Homestar Runner character quiz and I got Homestar. Yep, that's me. My own website is here, so please visit.

[edit] Thanks

Thanks are due to Homsar920, for giving me the idea to become a user of and acekirby13, for welcoming me to the site.

[edit] Favorites

[edit] Favorite Characters

The majestic Grape Fairie is riding a bee.

Absotlute Favorite Character: Homestar Runner

Favorite Character Variation: Thnikkaman

Favorite Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Character: Sherlock

Favorite Storybook Character: The Grape Fairie

Favorite Cheat Commando: Reynold

Favorite 1936 Character: The Sneak

Favorite 20X6 Character: Stinkoman

I also think that The Cheat's roles as Istanbul and The Popular Vote are really cool.

[edit] Favorite Cartoons

Favorite Big Toon: Where's The Cheat?

Favorite Short: Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer

Favorite Powered by The Cheat: The Cheat Theme Song

Favorite Puppet Stuff: Labor Dabor (The Homestarmy is so cool!)

Favorite Holiday Toon: That A Ghost

Favorite Marzipan's Answering Machine: Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 9.2

Favorite Strong Bad Email: long pants

Favorite Teen Girl Squad: Teen Girl Squad Issue 8

[edit] Favorite Games

Favorite New Game: Peasant's Quest

Favorite Old Game: Dancin' Bubs

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