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Made of old clothes and Tab stains.


[edit] Gratings!

I'm Guessed, the person who knows very little about the workings of wikis but joined up anyway because he/she loves H*R a whole lot. And deleting erroneous commas. And replacing "less than"s with "fewer than"s. And vice versa.

I first found H*R in middle school, but I couldn't get into it, since all my dorkitude was concentrated on Neopets at the time. Now, in high school, I've got a newfound appreciation for this, the most fanglorious site on the internet. The timewaster extraordinaire. And so on.

[edit] Stats

Lvl: 16
Str: 03
Int: 34
Bold: not bold

[edit] Blab

This cartoon and its dumb animal characters... they mean so much to me. I'm expeshly thankful to TBC for introducing me to so many awesome and/or hilarious things, like Scud and Fishing With John and Of Montreal and adventure games in general. I never would've discovered the wonders of old Lucas Arts and Sierra games if it wasn't for Strong Bad's infectious 8-bit love. Thanks, juys. Oh, and thanks, hrwiki goblins! Nice place you got here.

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