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Hmm, what is there to say about me...not much, I don't really have a life.


[edit] Uhh, hi everyone?


I'm a sophomore in high school. I'm short, I'm Asian, and I'm a bando. I have a lot of trouble with math, which makes sense since I'm in a class that's usually for like, at least a year or two ahead of my grade level. I don't know...there's not much else that I can say. Oh, I'm a ninja too. ^_^ Hehe.

[edit] Things I do when I can

  • Listen to/play music
  • Use the computer (talking on AIM, surfing the net...)
  • Read Michael Crichton books
  • Shop (rare occasion)

However, I usually must resort to studying, under the dictatorship of my parents...yes, it sucks, we all know how that is. T_T

[edit] Bando, yes? Very yes.

Yes, it's true, I'm a bando. A complete bando. I'm in the school marching band (where I'm currently a leader), the jazz band, and the symphonic band. I play the piano, French horn, and trumpet pretty well. I've taught myself how to play flute, guitar, saxophone, and clarinet...sort of. I guess when I get to college I could major in music if I wanted to, but that's not what I want to do. XD

On a more random note, my nickname in the marching band is "the ninjassassin"...hence, the ninja status. XD

Listening to music...I like to listen to Korean pop music. I also like listening to songs that have a lot of piano or guitar in it. You know, mellow sounding songs...people like Mae and Vanessa Carlton. ^_^

[edit] Yay for the Wiki page!

I signed on here because I wanted to try to contribute as much as I can, although this is probably a minimal amount. I try to find things here and there, but usually the things I add end up getting DELETED...probably because they weren't really good facts anyway. I try...oh well. ^_^

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