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Hey. I'm Dactyl. I've been a Homestar Fanboy since Febuary 2004 and the first email I ever saw was differnt town. The first toon I ever saw was, well First Time Here?. Duh. I discovered the wiki on May 9th 2005, and I signed up on the forums that same day. I discovered the Wiki when I typed Homestar Runner into Wikipedia. On the bottom, it linked to here and I was hooked. I didn't sign up as a wiki user until May 28th 2006, and I can't wait to start helping out.

[edit] About Me

Age 14

B-Day July 2nd, 1991

Wiki User Since May 28, 2006

Favorite Character Senor Cardgage

Favorite Singer Bob Dylan

Favorite Band Cake

User Page Modeled After JelloB's

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