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Welcome to my User page! I'm Chipwich, a contributer (no der.) on the wiki.
I will be changing my name soon, so if you, the good people of HRWiki, have an idea,put your username and idea on my talk page and I'll gladly check it!

[edit] Cool People

Trey56-was very helpful to me with tips n stuff.
Polly-For being cool.
Heimstern Laufer-for being my bud and convincing me to stay on the wiki.
Homsarstrongbad150-for havin the best user page ever.
Qermaq-for helpin bunches with my sig.

[edit] Random Stuff

We're currently working on 3,340 articles about our favorite Internet cartoon.

[edit] 2. Bottom 10

10) Whenever my brother starts yelling for like, 10 minutes.
9) Bird poo.... We've got a few pidgeons and chickens in our yard.
8) Homework. Definetly homework.
7) Cold sores. Cause they u-g-l-y.
6) Um...whenever the kid next to me farts in class. He does that a lot.
5) If I ever get another insane old lady for a teacher, I'm gonna...
4) Wiki Trolls. Duh.
3) Bleach filler arcs. Stupid vampires....
2)Uh...well...this dork who sits nearby me and acts like a total...pile of whatsit.
1) Ok, ow...whenever I hit my knee on a table...ow. Or whenever my 12 year old computer breaks on me.

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