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Hey, just an average Homestar Runner fan

You cannot get ye flask.


[edit] Other stuff

[edit] Faves

[edit] Cardgage Quote

"Panctice... Squad... Cutterback."

[edit] Modern Quote

"Good Shot, John—Jimmy!"


[edit] The most important message you will ever read

Strong Bad finally answers that stupid question.

{Strong Bad reads youre as "your" and hans as "Hans."}

STRONG BAD: My Hans? I didn't know I had a "Hans." But if you're also wondering how I type with boxing gloves on my hands, {Types I've as "Iv'e"} I've finally decided to answer that stupid question once and for all. It's simple, The Brothers Chaps just use clever editing techniques. They make it look as if I actually were typing with boxing gloves on. I'm actually typing with my fingers. Just like how Marzipan doesn't use her real guitar. That also answers some other questions {mumbling, typed in small text} except maybe a few....
{Strong Bad gets up, making Chairscoot, and the Compé-per appears.}

You probably wondering if I'm

File:Fluffy Mayo.JPG

Well I ain't. Deal with it.

Thou does not computeth.
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