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Hi, I'm...

(No, wait. Let me start again.)

HELLO! My name is...

(Hmm... the "My name is" was nice and to the point, but that "HELLO!" was overenthusiastic. It sounded like I was desperate for everyone reading my page to be my friend. I'd better try again.)

Hello. My name is...

(Hmmm... now it's just sounds half-hearted. Like I didn't really want to make a character page and this was just an afterthought. Let's see here...)

Foolish mortal! You have stumbled upon the lair of none other than...

(Hmmm... that's pretty good, but it's too much of a build-up for a simple introduction. People are going to walk away disillusioned and probably vaguely resenting their parents. Wait! I've got it!)

Stroggy chew dong! Wewary tooly elcomp!

(...That was just confusing. And I misspelled "tooley." Hmm... maybe if I did my entire introduction in The Cheat, it would sound more exciting.)

Meh! Mememeh mehmehmeh meh!

(Oh, that's right. No one here speaks The Cheat. And my accent was just atrocious. That does it. I'll just get to the point and spill it!)

Everyone, my name is 0rion. And I...


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