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"You get back here with that remote, Jeffrey Beffrey Mudgeman."

The Trailer Home is a double-wide trailer that characters have been seen in, though it is unknown if anyone actually takes residence in it. It has two moose lamps, a blacklight poster, and a painting, which were featured in the email portrait. It also has a green armchair, and a television set with what appears to be a Cold One on top of it, which were later seen in secret identity. In that email, it is the place where the secret identity of Strong Bad, "Vance Mudgeman", lives with his children, one of which is Jeffrey Beffrey Mudgeman. Strong Bad claims the trailer is in "Broiter Grove", a town found on the back of the now discontinued Limozeen "Zeenin' Across the Country 2001" t-shirt. Homestar Runner's voice was heard here in portrait, and he claims the moose lamp is his, so it is possible that he owns the trailer.

The wood paneling on the walls is similar to that seen in the The Bar and a background in modeling.

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