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"Scar, Let Moe!"

Some elements of the Homestar Runner body of work draw inspiration from pieces of entertainment involving the iconic comedy group The Three Stooges.

[edit] Appearances

  • In Search of the Yello DelloHomestar Runner sings, "Hello Yello Dello", in imitation of The Three Stooges' quote, "Hello, Hello, Hello! Hello hello hello hello hello!"
  • Email lackeyStrong Bad's remark about "Super service", which he says in a Brooklyn accent, refers to the short Violent is the Word for Curly.
  • Email virus — Strong Bad says, "A wise guy, eh?" in imitation of Moe Howard.
  • Email candy product — One of the subjects found in the H*R Junkmail Filta in Edgar's Baby's Daddy is "Shemp vs. Curly Joe". Shemp and Curly Joe were members of the group.
  • Email senior prom (DVD commentary) — When the Brothers Chaps discuss old-timey tuxedos at the prom, they talk about how in cartoons, the "flap things" can't keep from being tucked in and smacking the wearer in the face. Mike recalls that that may be in "Three Stooges or something".
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 13 (DVD commentary) — The Brothers Chaps, during the scene with Momkins, make reference to The Robonic Stooges, which was a short-lived Saturday morning cartoon show about the comedy group as clumsy superheroes.
  • SBCG4AP Dev Blog - Apr. 24, 2008 — Strong Bad claims to launch a "heat-seeking 3-Stooges eye-poker missile" in his game. The hallmark slapstick comedy of the Stooges often included eye-poking.
  • Email hiding — When Strong Bad mocks, "Scarlet, MO", it spawns a book title of the same name, featuring, on the cover, Moe resembling Moe Howard.
  • I Killed Pom Pom — After Homestar mistakes the deflated inflatable pumpkin for a dead Pom Pom, he urges the supposed body to "Say a few bubbles!" This may be a reference to a running gag in the Stooges shorts, where an unconscious or injured person is urged by one of the Stooges to "Say a few syllables!"
  • Vox Interview - 6 Oct 2015Matt Chapman uses The Three Stooges as an example of consistency in the characters' personalities, even though they keep changing jobs.
  • Fan 'Stumes 2020 — Strong Bad jokes about a Homestar making Curly's mouth sounds, to which Homestar performs Curly's head slapping (or at least, he thinks he does) and then performs the famous floor spin.
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