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[edit] I'm Loving 'Em

Oh! I freakin' love the Jibblies! It's funny to see my mom's face after I took to say "Jibblie Jibblies" and then be able to prove I didn't make them up!Ookelaylay 21:19, 13 Jul 2005 (UTC)

I agree with you. The jibblies are awseone!User:Undabite

Who added the animated picture? Nice touch! -GG Crono

Yes, that is a nice pic. I think AbdiViklas added it.
Not me; I've never bothered to figure out how to upload! —AbdiViklas 22:10, 16 October 2005 (UTC)
Checking the image shows that it was Tom Epsilon who made it. --DorianGray

[edit] Gettin' Gigitty

Does anyone agree with me that the jibbles are a refrence to "gigitty", something that 's is said by one character from Family Guy? -M-T

I sure don't. And I guarantee you there's also one particular person who doesn't, either. — It's dot com 18:44, 26 Aug 2005 (UTC)
Yeah I'm sure it's just like 'the heebie jeebies'
You mean Quagmire, M-T? Im a bell 01:17, 7 March 2007 (UTC)

[edit] Unaware?

Has anybody noticed that in Jibblies 2, the characters who have the jibblies don't seem to know what's going on around them? Religious Corn   21:05, 19 November 2007 (UTC)

[edit] giving the 'smith a bath

Which sbemail is the one where strong bad mentions giving the poopsmith a bath?-- 09:51, 20 November 2007 (UTC)

your friendsHomestar-Winner (talk) 12:46, 20 November 2007 (UTC)

[edit] The Heebie-Jeebies- Related?

It seems like the jibblies are probably based on the heebie-jeeies. Maybe this merits a mention? Just a thought.

It's likely, but without any more specific indication, it's also speculation. — Defender1031*Talk 04:05, 13 March 2018 (UTC)
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