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[edit] Gravity Falls

So I noticed that the organization of some of the content in this page is a little messy:

There is good reason that all of this information is found on this page: both Alex Hirsch and Matt Chapman made significant contributions to Gravity Falls. However, I think this information could be better organized. With that in mind here's what I'm thinking of doing (and why):

  • First of all, Gravity Falls should continue to redirect to this page. It's not part of H*R so it doesn't need its own page. I've briefly considered turning the redirect into a disambiguation but with Alex Hirsch being the main contributor behind Gravity Falls, it makes sense to keep that content here.
  • With that in mind, this page should remain centered around Alex Hirsch. The main "Gravity Falls" section will need to be renamed since it contains both Gravity Falls and H*R contributions. Not sure what to call it yet.
  • The "Matt Chapman's credits" section should really belong in the Matt Chapman page. They are his contributions and his alone. For that reason they shouldn't go in the The Brothers Chaps' Other Projects and neither should they belong on this page (Alex Hirsch).

I'll try to make some of those changes shortly and see how it looks. The wiki is slow right now so feedback might take a while but it would be greatly appreciated. --Stux 19:35, 7 September 2023 (UTC)

As someone who's been doing a lot of rearranging and cleaning both on the Chapman's individual and "other projects" pages, I agree with your call to pull out Matt's credits from this page. As for this page's structure... I think a similar approach to the They Might Be Giants page could work, i.e. a "collaborations" header, with "TBC contributions to Hirsch's work" and "Hirsch's contributions to TBC's work" subheads (wording could use some work). Although "Gravity Falls" should still redirect to this page, I don't know that it needs a subhead instead of just a prominent mention in the lede and in the article. -- Bleu Ninja 21:00, 7 September 2023 (UTC)
Thank you very much for your feedback Bleu Ninja! (And your fixes and contributions as well!) I like your idea of grouping the subheaders in a similar way to the TMBG page. It would help resolve some of the overlap between Gravity Falls and H*R items on this page! I've gone ahead and modified the page slightly along the above lines, including making the "Gravity Falls" link up top more prominent. I did not rename the "Gravity Falls" section since afaik that's their only non-H*R collaboration but, as always, please feel free to make any improvement! --Stux 22:04, 7 September 2023 (UTC)
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