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[edit] Broken Saints reference?

When Strong Bad announces that he "didn't buy this DVD to read a bunch of text," it might be a verbal jab at the proprietors of Broken, another popular flash website. Broken Saints features manga-style flash dramas, arranged in an episodic format, that contain no dialogue. Floating speech bubbles & copious amounts of text are used instead to create the feel of an animated comic book. A DVD set of the series' 24 episodes was released around the same time as the strongbad_email.exe DVD.

Sorry, I think it is just a joke, not a reference. -Pertmywert 08:35, 20 November 2006 (UTC)

[edit] Not long after all

In the email "Gimmicks" we see that Strong Bad flys quite a long way before finally crashing through the wall in Strong Sad's room. In this thing however, Strong Sad's room is only a few feet away. --Cyberdemon 8:42 PM, July 2 2007

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