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System Sounds with a Homestar Runner theme are available from the Downloads page.


[edit] Available Sounds

[edit] Startup Sound

HOMESTAR RUNNER: "Doo, doodle ding deling ding ding ding diiing... ding." (mimicking the Windows 95 default startup sound)

[edit] Email Notification

STRONG BAD: "Oh, electronic mail!" (from studying)

HOMESTAR RUNNER: "Email!" (from Main Pages)

[edit] Email Deletion

STRONG BAD: "DELETED!!" (from spring cleaning)

HOMESTAR RUNNER: "Baleeted!" (from 50 emails)

[edit] Error Sound

STRONG BAD: "Why, you lazy crap for crap!" (from The House That Gave Sucky Treats)

HOMESTAR RUNNER: "OOPS! You bwoke it." (from the old Strong Bad 404 Error Page)

[edit] Shutdown Sound

STRONG BAD: "It's about time! Why don't you go outside or something? Nerd."

HOMESTAR RUNNER: "Did you remember to save? All of your files?"

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