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Subtitles logo These are the English subtitles for suntan. watch this toon
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="sbemail77.swf" width="550" height="400">
    <line start="15" end="89" speaker="strongbad"><em>(singing)</em> I met her in the summertime. Her name was... e-mail!</line>
    <line start="93" end="152" speaker="strongbad">"Hey Strong Bad, I thought you looked cute as a Japanese cartoon with the blue hair and everything."</line>
    <line start="154" end="184" speaker="strongbad">"HEH-OH HEE!" I think that's how you say that...</line>
    <line start="187" end="233" speaker="strongbad">"I was thinking you might look even better if you got out in the sun and got a nice tan."</line>
    <line start="238" end="292" speaker="strongbad">"I've heard that a nice tan really helps your muscles stand out. Meg, K.S."</line>
    <line start="302" end="379" speaker="strongbad">That's a good point, KS. With the summer months all up on us, I'll probably be going shirtless more often than usual.</line>
    <line start="384" end="454" speaker="strongbad">I know one thing the ladies love more than a regular Strong Bad is a lightly toasted Strong Bad.</line>
    <line start="459" end="544" speaker="strongbad">And I guess it'll help to accentuate my abdominal muscles and my abs, and my cloits.</line>
    <line start="549" end="611" speaker="strongbad">They're already bulging all over the place as it is, but I guess a little more definition wouldn't kill me.</line>
    <line start="621" end="679" speaker="strongbad">All right, c'mon, sun, show me what you got. Don't pull no punches neither.</line>
    <line start="684" end="718" speaker="strongbad">I want the real radioactive stuff.</line>
    <line start="725" end="735" speaker="kingoftown">Gooh.</line>
    <line start="739" end="754" speaker="kingoftown" sfx="sfx">sniffs</line>
    <line start="755" end="772" speaker="kingoftown">Oh, there it is!</line>
    <line start="773" end="786" speaker="strongbad">There what is?</line>
    <line start="787" end="842" speaker="kingoftown">Ooh, nothing. Hi, Strong Bad. How are you this day?</line>
    <line start="846" end="899" speaker="strongbad">Well, I was certainly better before you showed up. I'm still doing pretty good.</line>
    <line start="901" end="943" speaker="kingoftown">Oh, good. That's all I wanted to know.</line>
    <line start="950" end="997" speaker="kingoftown">I guess I'll be moving on to a different smell— place.</line>
    <line start="1000" end="1035" speaker="strongbad">What the—? Hey! He took my cocoa butter!</line>
    <line start="1043" end="1064" speaker="strongbad">What? Aw!</line>
    <line start="1117" end="1142" speaker="marzipan">Strong Bad, how long have you been laying here?</line>
    <line start="1145" end="1179" speaker="strongbad">I dunno, six, maybe eight hours.</line>
    <line start="1181" end="1215" speaker="marzipan">You know, you're supposed to flip over every 15 minutes or so...</line>
    <line start="1217" end="1275" speaker="strongbad">What? Who wants a tan on their back? There's no abs to accentuate.</line>
    <line start="1279" end="1356" speaker="strongbad">Not like up here. Ooh, check it out, Ab City, USA. Do-do do.</line>
    <line start="1360" end="1393" speaker="marzipan">Strong Bad, I don't see a single ab.</line>
    <line start="1395" end="1457" speaker="strongbad">What are you talking about, it's like a cold one brewery over here, there's so many six-packs.</line>
    <line start="1460" end="1487" speaker="strongbad">Check it out, one, two, threefourfivesix.</line>
    <line start="1496" end="1515" speaker="strongbad">Oops, forgot the hatching.</line>
    <line start="1521" end="1544" speaker="marzipan">Aren't you supposed to have pecs?</line>
    <line start="1545" end="1613" speaker="strongbad">Don't need 'em! That's why they call me Double A: All Abs!</line>
    <line start="1616" end="1631" speaker="marzipan">That's weird.</line>
    <line start="1642" end="1684" speaker="strongbad">Whoa, I bet I could make some serious dough off this idea.</line>
    <line start="1688" end="1737" speaker="strongbad">I could be like, a thousandaire, or at least a hundredaire.</line>
    <line start="1748" end="1840" speaker="theannouncer" voiceover="voiceover">Introducing the all new Strong Bad Ab-Abber 2000! Get results like the professionals in minutes!</line>
    <line start="1845" end="1900" speaker="theannouncer" voiceover="voiceover">Nay! Seconds! Just listen to this guy over here!</line>
    <line start="1905" end="1980" speaker="strongsad">Since using Strong Bad's Ab-Abber Two Thous-and, the ladies have been all up ons.</line>
    <line start="1984" end="2025" speaker="strongsad">All up ons? I don't know what that means!</line>
    <line start="2027" end="2069" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="voiceover">Well, Strong Sad, it means they really like you.</line>
    <line start="2070" end="2127" speaker="strongsad">But they don't! Especially now with all this Sharpie on my stomach.</line>
    <line start="2128" end="2170" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="voiceover">Just read the lines, man. Do you want to see Gooblies again or not?</line>
    <line start="2173" end="2195" speaker="strongsad">You leave Gooby out of this!</line>
    <line start="2198" end="2270" speaker="homsar">AAAaaaAAAaaa-I'm just in time for the murder mystery!!!</line>
    <line start="2278" end="2321" speaker="theannouncer" voiceover="voiceover">Act now and receive the Cloitsterizer abs-solutely free!</line>
    <line start="2324" end="2365" speaker="theannouncer" voiceover="voiceover">Max out your cloits and dloits with the ease of a thousandaire.</line>
    <line start="2372" end="2433" speaker="theannouncer" voiceover="voiceover">Strong Bad's Ab-Abber 2000. "They'll be all up ons!"</line>
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