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Subtitles logo These are the English subtitles for marzipan. watch this toon
To watch the toon with subtitles, we recommend that you install either the All-In-One Greasemonkey script for Firefox or the Homestar All-In-One extension for Chrome.
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" width="550" height="400">
    <line start="15" end="65" speaker="strongbad">There once was a man named email, and he did his best for a while.</line>
   <line start="69" end="123" speaker="strongbad">"Strong Bad, So, if you're so good with the ladies, how come I never see you with any?"</line>
   <line start="125" end="153" speaker="strongbad">"The only female I've eev see sageento—"</line>
   <line start="157" end="168" speaker="strongbad" sfx="sfx">clears throat</line>
   <line start="169" end="230" speaker="strongbad">"The only female I've seen even near you is Marzipan, and she doesn't seem to like you very much."</line>
   <line start="231" end="259" speaker="strongbad">"Ok, bye. Emily C., Owa-hoh"</line>
   <line start="266" end="321" speaker="strongbad">What are you talkin about, Emily? Marzipan can't keep her hands offa me!</line>
   <line start="322" end="373" speaker="strongbad">In fact, I had to change my screen name cause she was buggin me so much.</line>
   <line start="374" end="412" speaker="strongbad">I'd be like, tryin' to write an email like... "Dear The Cheat" And then—</line>
   <line start="419" end="468" speaker="strongbad">—it'd come up, and I'd be like close the window. "Anyways, The Cheat, I was going"—</line>
   <line start="481" end="490" speaker="strongbad">—"to ask you"—</line>
   <line start="500" end="509" speaker="strongbad">—"if I could borrow"—</line>
   <line start="515" end="525" speaker="strongbad">—"that big knife"—</line>
   <line start="537" end="574" speaker="strongbad">And if that's not enough proof, just watch this.</line>
   <line start="581" end="632" speaker="marzipan">Oh yeah, oh yeah, and I really don't like him at all.</line>
   <line start="637" end="686" speaker="strongbad">So, uh... Is that another song about Homestar?</line>
   <line start="687" end="705" speaker="marzipan">No, it's about you.</line>
   <line start="709" end="731" speaker="strongbad">About being in love with me?</line>
   <line start="732" end="771" speaker="marzipan">That's disgusting. And I don't like your outfit.</line>
   <line start="776" end="800" speaker="strongbad">Well, I'm not telling you my new screen name.</line>
   <line start="801" end="847" speaker="marzipan">Well... I don't even know what a scream name is, so there you go.</line>
   <line start="848" end="892" speaker="marzipan">And if you'd please leave now, because I'm tinkering with my guitar.</line>
   <line start="898" end="921" speaker="strongbad">Oh yeah, well? Say you like me.</line>
   <line start="923" end="939" speaker="marzipan">No, leave me alone.</line>
   <line start="940" end="954" speaker="strongbad">Say you like me?</line>
   <line start="955" end="965" speaker="marzipan">No.</line>
   <line start="967" end="988" speaker="strongbad">Then do you like <em>Strong Bad</em>?</line>
   <line start="989" end="1021" speaker="marzipan">No! You're just saying your name fast. Go away.</line>
   <line start="1023" end="1063" speaker="strongbad">What about that guy who's brothers with Strong Mad and <em>Strong Sad</em>?</line>
   <line start="1068" end="1089" speaker="marzipan">That's still you! No!</line>
   <line start="1090" end="1140" speaker="strongbad">Then how about this one? Do you don't not dislike not Strong Bad?</line>
   <line start="1143" end="1161" speaker="marzipan">Uh... I guess...</line>
   <line start="1162" end="1206" speaker="strongbad">See! I told you you loved me! Ooh! I knew it all along!</line>
   <line start="1207" end="1265" speaker="strongbad">Wait until my friend Emily from O-hee-oh hears this!!! Oooh, I knew she loves me!</line>
   <line start="1266" end="1279" speaker="strongbad" sfx="sfx">mumbles</line>
   <line start="1280" end="1312" speaker="marzipan">Whatever... Come on Carol, let's rock.</line>
   <line start="1636" end="1657" speaker="marzipan">Come on, Carol, let's rock.</line>
   <line start="1658" end="1667" sfx="sfx">music starts</line>
   <line start="1677" end="1686" speaker="marzipan">Yeah yeah</line>
   <line start="1695" end="1708" speaker="marzipan">Yeah yeah</line>
   <line start="1712" end="1725" speaker="marzipan">Oh yeah</line>
   <line start="1731" end="1742" speaker="marzipan">Oh yeah</line>
   <line start="1750" end="1756" speaker="marzipan">Oh yeah</line>
   <line start="1759" end="1767" speaker="marzipan">Oh yeah</line>
   <line start="1768" end="1775" speaker="marzipan">Oh yeah</line>
   <line start="1776" end="1785" speaker="marzipan">Oh yeah yeah</line>
   <line start="1786" end="1794" speaker="marzipan">Oh yeah yeah</line>
   <line start="1795" end="1801" speaker="marzipan">Oh yeah yeah</line>
   <line start="1802" end="1835" speaker="marzipan">And I really don't like him at all.</line>
   <line start="1852" end="1864" speaker="marzipan">Thank you!</line>
   <line start="1865" end="1903" speaker="sfx">birds chirping</line>
   <line start="1904" end="1921" speaker="marzipan">Those are the birds.</line>
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