Strong Bad and Pom Pom's Relationship

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One of their "less friendly" periods.

Strong Bad appears to have a "love-hate" relationship with Pom Pom. Sometimes they hang out together; other times they are less friendly.

[edit] Strong Bad and Pom Pom getting along

  • Where's The Cheat? — Strong Bad and Pom Pom hang out at The Stick. Pom Pom also lends Strong Bad his phone to ring Marzipan and Strong Sad and helps staple "lost" posters of The Cheat.
  • Email band names — Strong Bad says he may take Pom Pom to Dan's band's show.
  • Email the bird — Strong Bad and Pom Pom hang out at The Stick; Pom Pom lets Strong Bad use his Pom Pilot.
  • Email pom pom — After he says he "Did not get the ever-loving snot beat out of him and made Pom Pom explode", he says he might even miss Pom Pom.
  • Strongest Man in the World — Strong Bad calls Homestar "the big, fat, yellow blob" but does not insult Pom Pom.
  • Email hygiene — Pom Pom is one of "Gene"'s friends in the video.
  • Jibblies 2 — Strong Bad apparently considers Pom Pom to be one of the "good characters".
  • Email winter pool — Pom Pom, acting as lifeguard, attempts to rescue Strong Bad when he sinks into a pool full of Red Flavored Fluffy Puff Translucent Dessert Related Substance.
  • I Killed Pom Pom — Strong Bad and Pom Pom uphold the deception that Homestar killed Pom Pom together. Strong Bad is also shocked when Homestar actually kills Pom Pom.

[edit] Strong Bad and Pom Pom not getting along

  • Marshmallow's Last Stand — Pom Pom sides with Homestar against Strong Bad and Strong Mad in a tag-team wrestling match.
  • In Search of The Yello Dello — In the commentary Strong Bad says he hates it when Pom Pom floats and doesn’t trust him.
  • A Jumping Jack Contest — Strong Bad and Pom Pom are two of the contestants in the titular competition.
  • A Mother's Day Message — Pom Pom makes fun of Strong Bad's costume along with Homestar Runner, The Cheat, and Strong Mad.
  • Email your friends — Strong Bad tapes The Cheat to Pom Pom.
  • Email the bird — Pom Pom laughs at Strong Bad when Homestar flips him off.
  • Pumpkin Carve-nival — Strong Bad, disguised as Homestar, gives Pom Pom a "2nd place" prize for his pumpkin. Whether this was an insult or compliment is debatable, though Pom Pom was less than amused either way.
  • Email Family Resemblence — Pom Pom gets mad when Strong Bad hits on his hypothetical sister Stella Do.
  • Email pom pom — Strong Bad attempts to poke Pom Pom with a pin while he's on fire. Pom Pom subsequently beats the ever-loving snot out of Strong Bad.
  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — Strong Bad insults Pom Pom's costume; Pom Pom threatens to shoot him.
  • Strongest Man in the World — Strong Bad calls Pom Pom "not very strong". Pom Pom responds by what is inferred to be swearing.
  • Email hygiene — Pom Pom, along with the rest of "Gene"'s friends, turn on him by the end of the video.
  • Email bike thief — Strong Bad tries to steal Pom Pom's bike.
  • Homestar Ruiner — Strong Bad laces Pom Pom's bag to discredit his 5.3 second triumph in the Free Country Tri-Annual Race to the End of the Race (FCUTRER) to win the FCUTRER Silver Trophy of Ultimate Destiny (FCUTRERSTUD) for Homestar, so Homestar would get out of the House of the Brothers Strong.
  • Sometime between Strong Badia The Free and Baddest of the Bands — Upon examining the katana in Baddest of the Bands, Strong Bad says that Pom Pom totally didn't get his sword back by giving him wedgies; he donated it.

[edit] Strong Bad and Pom Pom working together

Strong Bad hiding inside Pom Pom.
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