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Sewiously, Pom Pom.

"Seriously" is Homestar Runner's catchphrase, but because of his trademark speech impediment, it comes out sounding like "Sewiously". Oftentimes, when other characters imitate or mock Homestar, they will explicitly say or spell it as such.

In the UMFM Interview - 20 May 2003, interviewer Kevin Scott claims that he finds himself quoting Homestar and Strong Bad, giving "Sewiously" as an example.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email the factsStrong Bad complains that a cartoon starring Homestar would just be him saying "Sewiously" all the time.
  • Quality TimeMarzipan has Cardboard Homestar say, "Sewiously, Marzipan, how do you get so smart?"
  • Homestar Ruiner — When putting on the Homestar float head, Strong Bad imitates Homestar, saying, "Oh hewwo, I'm Homestar Runner. Sewiously, you guys, I'm an absolute cheesedork!"
  • Email email thunder — Strong Bad signs his decoy email to Homestar with "Sewiously yours".
  • Weekly Fanstuff 2009 — A Pom Pom cake with the label "Sewiously, Pom Pom." is featured.
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