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Below are the visuals for The B-est of B-sides music video in Record Store Day. Lyrics appear at the bottom of the screen, initially in white and then changing to yellow as they are sung.

A watermark is overlaid throughout, reading:

Lyrics Visuals
sloshy logo appears briefly onscreen.
It's an early demo An album cover featuring an image of a woman with her face whited out holding a guitar. The sloshy logo is in the top-right corner, and "the worst fonts EP" is printed in Comic Sans in the bottom-right.
But we only make-a early demos An album cover with a blurry close-up photo of two musicians playing a cello and a saxophone. The sloshy logo is in the bottom-right corner, and on the bottom-left, in Chicago, "instruments we don't play", with the first "T" in instruments in red.
Depends how big the Stereogum blows. Gum blows, yeah!
These guys
An older photograph of Mike, Donnie, and Matt Chapman. Mike and Matt are making faces and Donnie is smiling with his arms on their shoulders.
This is the B-est of B-Sides An album cover with an off-center closeup of a man's chin, sloshy logo centered below, with the text "B-sides" handwritten in cursive above the upper lip.
Hope you had to wait in a long line A poster photocopied in black-and-white onto pink paper reading:
{a photo of two musicians onstage}
FEATURING 10 openers and 4
headliners. ALL AGES that are 21 and over
We never even played this song live.
The Chapman Chaps
A more recent photograph of Mike, Matt, and Donnie outside, all smiling. The image first appears as a mosaic but crossfades to a non-pixelated version.
This is the B-est of B-Sides. This track is so elusive. An album cover of a closeup of a baby's foot, with the sloshy logo top-left and the words "WHOSE BABY IS THIS?" on the bottom-right. A red "UK IMPORT" sticker is on the right side.
A UK exclusive An ad featuring a black-and-white photograph of sloshy performing live, with the lead member saying "Oh man! i think it's LIVE!" in a speech bubble. The image is framed left and right with sloshy logos (mirrored on the right side). Underneath the photograph, it says:
FRi the 3rd
@ Watery Pizza 9pm
Japan-only import bootleg of the in-store. An album cover with a photo of a man in a suit walking walking through a forest away from camera. The sloshy logo appears on the bottom-right corner, "the 'we need a lawyer' EP" is printed off the man's left shoulder in red Mistral.
Of the in-store. Yeah! A promo poster with sloshy's logo on a clock covered in snow in front of a building, with the Swedish text
Uppträder live
i Jukasjaarvi vid
Skåran Heders
Balsal - 10:00
which translates to "Performing live in Jukkasjärvi at the [Skåran Heders] Ballroom - 10:00"
This is the B-est of B-Sides. A black-and-white photo of Matt, Mike, Ryan Sterritt, and another man; Ryan is holding a trophy. The sloshy logo is in the top-right corner and "Coolier Than Thou Records" is printed in the bottom-left.
I hope you had to wait in a long line. We're never gonna play this song live. An album cover of an upside-down photo of a man in a track jacket with the sloshy logo on his lapel. "FINAL ASSAULT" is printed in the top-left corner in a military stencil font.
This is the B-est of B-Sides. Image spins in from top-right corner. An album cover (curiously, rectangular rather than square) of a red-tiled bathroom wall and toilet paper roll. The sloshy logo is printed in the top-left corner and "ALL TOMORROW'S EURO-RESTROOMS" is printed in the bottom-right corner. A gold oval sticker Japanese sticker is attached, reading "DVD 8月5日に" which translates to "DVD on August 5th".
We even played piano. (we even played piano) Three semitransparent images fly in from the top, left, and right of the screen, meeting in the middle to resolve to an album cover: a green wall with a turntable inside a recessed cabinet. The sloshy logo is printed above and "EARLY DEMOS AND WORSE FROM LIKE, FOREVER AGO" is printed in Arial font at the bottom.
This part has piano. (we never play piano) A photograph of a girl sitting with a clothesline behind her, listening on headphones with her eyes blacked out by a Sloshy logo. Printed above is "Live auf der Bösen Dönerbude!" and in the bottom-right corner "Mittwoch 17. November um 9:30 Uhr", roughly translating to "Live at the evil kebab shop! Wednesday November 17th at 9:30 a.m."
We even played piano. (I am actually playing this piano) Piano. Yeah! (yeah) A Sloshy ad using an old, blurry photograph of Matt and Mike Chapman with a man and a woman all in formal wear. Top right corner text "OUT FEB 3rd exclusively on CASSETTE", bottom text "because girl bassist, that's why" below sloshy logo.
This is the B-est of B-Sides. Album cover spins in from bottom-right corner. A photo of a building model made from cardboard with the sloshy logo in the top-right and "ARCHITECTURE JERK b/w HELVETICA CHUMP" printed at the bottom.
Hope you had to wait in a long line. Extreme close-up of earlier Chapman brothers photo ("Depends how big the Stereogum blows"), panning left to right across their faces.
We're never gonna play this song live. Sloshy logo pulsing in and out.
It's the B-est of B-sides. Repeat of earlier photo of "B-sides" cover.
Alright, I think we should break up again. Cuts to black. Close up of Ryan Sterritt's face from earlier black-and-white trophy photo appears after speaker finishes talking.
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