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The Cheat appears as a talk show guest in theme song

The Cheat usually incorporates himself into his Powered by The Cheat cartoons. Sometimes he makes a Hitchcock-style cameo, usually making himself appear awesome, such as receiving a prize of some sort. In other instances, a creature sporting The Cheat-like features, such as a fish or a dinosaur with black spots and yellow skin/fur, makes an appearance. This is a list of all appearances of The Cheat in his cartoons (and other PBTC-style things).

[edit] Appearances of The Cheat

  • The Cheat Theme Song — The Cheat appears throughout his music video.
  • Everybody to the Limit — The Cheat appears during the line "The Cheat is to the Limit" and grins.
  • Email crazy cartoon — The Cheat receives three trophies, and then another at the end of the animation.
  • Email mile — The Cheat is a millionaire. In the Easter egg, he appears in a prom photograph and the Cheatsa Parties logo.
  • New Boots — The Cheat wears new boots and performs a hip-hop dance.
  • Seasonal Sweaters — The Cheat knits a green sweater.
  • Email rock opera — Various dancing PBTC-style The Cheats appear throughout the rock opera.
  • Email bedtime story — In The Cheat's Cheatventures in Moses MaloneLand, The Cheat grows monster truck tires and plays video games with Moses Malone.
  • Email strong badathlon — The Cheat is shown playing the electric guitar at the end of Strong Bad's made up event.
  • Trudgemank — The Cheat is seen popping out of the Trudgemank several times.
  • Where U Goin' 2? — The Cheat is part of the Paunchberry Ice Cream Dancing Team.

[edit] Appearances of Things Resembling The Cheat

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