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"These peoples try to fade me!"

When actually referring to simply "people", characters in Free Country, USA will occasionally use the word "peoples". This is an example of an already plural word being pluralized.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email new handsCoach Z sings a small part of his rap, "These peoples try to fade me". Strong Bad later says "Coach! I wasn't trying to fade you. That wasn't me. I don't know who those peoples were."
  • TROGDOR (song) — The second verse says "Burninating all the peoples."
  • Email english paper — After writing "The Yellow Dart"'s English paper, Strong Bad says "Can't nobody say Strong Bad never did nothing for the peoples."
  • Bubs's Character Video — Bubs starts off with: "Hey there, every peoples! I'm Bubs."
  • Coach Z's Character Video — Coach Z is about to sing "These peoples try to fade me", but he's interrupted by Homestar Runner before he can.
  • Email video games — In honor of Taylor from "Alcatraz", Strong Bad says while pouring a cold one on the carpet, "This one's for you, and all my peoples got sent up the river."
  • Email dangeresque 3 — After reading the email, Strong Bad says "Man, peoples won't leave me alone about this one!"
  • Email pizzaz — Strong Bad asks Strong Bad "So, Strong Bad, the peoples want to know..."
  • Email time capsule — Homestar Runner says "I'll just make my own time box with a gross old wig in it. So all the future peoples will know I had a gross old wig!"
  • Email Videro Games — Strong Bad's definition of the word "melee" is "a buncha peoples fighting, like, all at the same time."
  • Decemberween Short Shorts — Strong Bad says that "If peoples found out I have a soft spot for tube socks, it'd be all over".
  • Email looking old — Strong Bad says that he "can't have the young peoples thinking [he's] old!".
  • Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective — While introducing the movie, Strong Bad calms the crowd by saying "All right, peoples!"
  • April Fools' 2014 — Homestar says that "peoples all the time be askin' [him]: 'Hey Homestar! How come you stopped updating [your website]?'"

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