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Hello, my name is...

Occasionally, "Hello, my name is ____" name tags are seen. These nametags are usually blue with a white spot to write one's name or another message on them. These often have interesting, out-there names on them or are poorly used.

[edit] Appearances

  • Debut: The Luau — The opening credits are presented on name tag cards. Strong Bad also "carefully filled out everybody's name tags": "Hello, my name is Crap for Brains". The cartoon also closes with a name tag card, which reads, "The end for brains".
  • Email marzipan (Easter egg) — During The Cheat's video for Marzipan's song, one of the visuals is a name tag that says "Hello, my name is Oh Yeah".
  • Email 2 emails — Strong Bad prepares name tags for the hot girls, which read "Hello, my name is Hot Girl #" followed by the number. The numbers and other distinguishing marks are as follows:
    • 48
    • v2.14 (no number sign)
    • 4077 ("hot lips" instead of "hot girl")
    • 00
    • 18
    • 7 (no space between "hot" and "girl")
    • Sue (no space between "hot" and "girl"; no number sign)
    • 40
    • 2
    • 8 (no space between "hot" and "girl")
    • 13
    • X6
    • 37
    • 26c
    • 26
  • Email the process (Easter egg) — Em's name tag reads "Hello, my name is Emtarkanderundersgunderson".
  • Thy Dungeonman II — The player encounters a plague-carrying rat with a name tag. If the player types "look at nametag", it is revealed that the rat's name is Percy.
  • Email dangeresque 3Perducci's name tag reads "Hello, my name is Perducci".
  • Email secret identity — At Bubs' Motor Lodge, Bubs's name tag reads "My name Bubs".
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 11 — So and So is forced to wear a name tag with the name "Mark" while working at Shirt Folding Store.

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