Make a Scene with Telltale at PAX 2010

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"Not on the first date, detective!"

The audience of PAX got to help Telltale discover who committed a murder at The Inventory. Man, is there anything PAX can't do?

Cast (in order of appearance): General Skun'ka-pe, Pedro, Marty McFly, Dank, Reginald Van Winslow, Nelson Tethers, Sam & Max, Flint Paper, Mr. Featherly, Constable Dibbins, Sal, Tycho, Morgan LeFlay, Theodore Dudebrough, Marzipan, Strong Sad, Sam, Velociraptor

Places: The Inventory

Date: Friday, September 3, 2010

Running Time: 1:50


[edit] Transcript

{Music plays, while the camera pans across the inventory. General Skun'ka-pe and Pedro are shown at a table. Marty McFly, and Dank are shown at the bar, while Reginald Van Winslow serves them behind the counter. Nelson Tethers and Max are sitting at a table at the back. Flint Paper is standing in front of a table, rubbing the back of his neck. Mr. Featherly and Constable Dibbins are on the stage area, with Sal standing at the other side talking to Tycho, who is sitting at a table. Morgan LeFly is standing beside him. Theodore Dudebrough and an unknown character are sitting at a table with drinks in front of them. Marzipan is sitting at the next table.}

{Cut to a close shot of Strong Sad laying sprawled out on the ground. Screams are heard, and blood runs out from his body.}

{Cut to Sam, in his noir outfit from They Stole Max's Brain!.}

SAM: It was a Kafkaesque and stormy night. There was a cone of silence around the joint.

{Cut to Sam in front of the bar, talking to Van Winslow.}

SAM: Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

{Cut to closeup of Van Winslow.}

VAN WINSLOW: Well sir, I do fancy myself a map.

{Cut to the other side of the bar, where Sam is talking to Mr. Featherly, who is standing on counter.}

SAM: You look dirtier than a muddy box of chicken strips. Why did you cross the road tonight?

{Cut to closeup of Mr. Featherly.}

MR. FEATHERLY: I got nothing.

{Cut to Sam walking towards Marzipan, with the camera aimed at the back of Marzipan's head.}

SAM: Put your arms where I can see them, murderer!

{Cut to closeup of Marzipan.}

MARZIPAN: Not on the first date, detective!

{Cut to Sam walking towards TYCHO, with the camera aimed at the back of Tycho's head.}

SAM: OK, you're clearly up to no good, put the d20 on the ground, slowly.

{Cut to closeup of Tycho.}

TYCHO: Look here, you odious lout! I haven't killed someone in... at least two days. [1]

{Cut to Sam walking towards TYCHO, with the camera aimed at the back of Tycho's head.}

SAM: I doubt that!

{Cut to closeup of Tycho.}

TYCHO: It looks like the jig is up! And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for this meddling PAX panel!

{Tycho pulls at his face. Everyone screams. Cut to Van Winslow who is shown screaming, with a shocked expression on his face, then to General Skun'ka-pe, who also has a shocked expression, then to Mr. Featherly who jumps up in the air and flutters his wings.}

{Cut to Tycho's table, where a velociraptor is seen jumping off the table.}

VELOCIRAPTOR: It was I, a velociraptor!

{The velociraptor opens its mouth with its tongue hanging out, makes a slightly higher pitched laughing noise, and runs towards the camera with its teeth bared.}

[edit] Footnote

  1. In the video, the given line skips around to produce "at least— at least two days" with different stuck frames. Fault in recording or uploading is not assumed.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • PAX, originally Penny Arcade Expo, is a series of gaming events organized by the creators of the web comic Penny Arcade. This event took place at "PAX Prime" (now "PAX West") in Seattle.
  • Kafkaesque is an adjective that means something evokes feelings of the work by writer Franz Kafka.

[edit] Remarks

  • Though given the time frame the panel probably had to work with the short, lipsyncing notably is out-of-sync at times.

[edit] Trivia

  • During the "fan-made" scene, there are constant laughs. They're quite hard to hear because of their low volume.

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