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Decemberween In July Sale!!

Decemberween in July is a collection of Decemberween-themed toons. They include Decemberween Teen Girl Squad, That Time of Year, Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes, Homestar and the Nice Present, Seasonal Sweaters, and Homestar vs. Little Girl. This collection came about in July 2004 because Mike and Missy were married around Christmastime 2003. The wedding left The Brothers Chaps little time for a proper Decemberween toon and they actually tried several different ideas out before scrapping all of them, going without Decemberween in 2003 (an unfinished version of the Teen Girl Squad short was shown at an appearance at the University of Central Florida in spring 2004). The cornucopia idea came about from the various abandoned concepts. watch (more...)

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