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"Positive... negative... rabbit..."

2-Part Episode: Part 2, released on June 8, 2009, is a Cheat Commandos toon. Continuing where 2-Part Episode: Part 1 left off, Gunhaver, Silent Rip, and Crackotage traverse a swamp looking for the Topplegangers who suddenly appear and seize the party at gunpoint. After the exiled trio explain their situation, Subtlefuge, the Topplegangers' leader, introduces the other members of his gang: Dryghost, Swampslash, and Fudgeclank. Meanwhile, back at Cheat Commandos HQ's jail, the Blue Laser Commander continues fueling Reynold's disgust of Gunhaver. Later at the Topplegangers' hideout, the Topplegangers and the ex-Cheat Commandos organize a plan to break the Blue Laser Commander out of prison. They successfully execute the plan and the Topplegangers take their payment. Later, the Blue Laser Commander contacts Cheat Commandos HQ and introduces Blue Laser's newest member Scrawnjob, then plots. Gunhaver suddenly appears and ruins the plot making Admiral Flashfight realize that Gunhaver is needed to stop the Blue Laser Commander. He returns Gunhaver's gun and is shot by mistake by Gunhaver. watch (more...)

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