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"WHOA! Can it be true?"

In different town, the 99th Strong Bad Email, Steven from WV asks Strong Bad what he would do if he could make his town different. He explains in song form: the changes include The Poopsmith being able to talk, Marzipan changing her style of music and her hair, The Stick becoming a man-eating tree, The King of Town being "pea-buried alive", Bubs giving out unusual weapons, Strong Sad having been born with horns and a tail, Coach Z wearing a cool jacket, Homestar quitting sports, Pom Pom looking like an ABA basketball, and Homsar being a modestly hot girl. After the song, Strong Sad tries to offer Strong Bad a bust of Bubo, but since Strong Sad is dressed much like his brother imagined him, Strong Bad goes crazy, causing his brother to call him a "spaz" and a "weirdo". Strong Bad then concludes that his imagination is broken, and ends up "go[ing] place". watch (more...)

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