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"This dinner party is top dollar!"

In cliffhangers, the 158th Strong Bad Email, Jake asks Strong Bad to resolve all the cliffhangers. Strong Bad starts off by having The King of Town and Homsar hanging by a rope at the top of a cliff. Strong Bad then cuts their ropes, but before leaving, he sends some snacks on the way down with The King of Town and Homsar. Next three typical cliffhangers are shown. In the first one, Coach Z has the Thnikkaman stuffed inside a locker in the locker room and tries to reveal the Thnikkaman's identity (despite it being obvious that the Thnikkaman is Bubs). Coach Z ends up failing because he has bad hand-eye coordination. The second cliffhanger centers around the Strong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil, with Strong Bad as Space Captainface and The Cheat as Strap, who believe they are on a collision course with Malmsteen's Comet. The third cliffhanger has Homestar Runner believe he is pregnant, only to be quickly corrected by Strong Sad. When Strong Bad returns to the computer room, he finds the Lappy 486 missing, with a ransom note in its place as well as its comma key. How will this one turn out? What could have done such a thing? Will Strong Bad ever get his laptop computer back? watch (more...)

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