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This stuff is GROAN in Iowa

Breakfast cereal is a popular food among the Homestar Runner characters and The Brothers Chaps. Toons and Strong Bad Emails often feature both real-life and invented cereal. In fact, if Mike has his way, we may one day see a Homestar Runner breakfast cereal. Perhaps the prominence of cereal in Mike and Matt's work is due to their fond childhood memories of eating cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons and their desire to recreate this lost cultural experience. Among the cereals that have appeared are Strong Bad's EGGS, Schenectady Crispies, Cheat Commandos...O's, Corn Krunch, Temporarios, and many breakfast cereals that debuted in the Strong Bad Email specially marked, such as Wheat Chaff, Oh T'Meel, Cripsy Hog Crunchities, Fundament-O's, and Fruit Smax. (more...)

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